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GIGM, Travelstart announce strategic partnership to revolutionize travelers’ convenience


GIG Mobility (GIGM), the leading provider of tech-powered intercity mobility services in West Africa, and Travelstart Nigeria, Africa’s leading online travel agency, have joined forces to enable cross-platform bookings for consumers. Commencing immediately, customers can effortlessly book GIGM bus transport via, while passengers can seamlessly book air travel via This groundbreaking partnership marks the first of its kind between air and road transport companies in Nigeria.

As the Nigerian transportation landscape continues to adapt and evolve, Travelstart & GIGM are committed to delivering unparalleled convenience, ease, and affordability to customers. This cross-platform booking functionality empowers consumers to purchase both air and bus transport tickets in one centralized location, selecting the platform that best suits their needs. Behind this innovation lies a sophisticated integration of technology, streamlining the booking process for travelers.

Bukky Akomolafe, Country Manager of Travelstart Nigeria, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to bring Travelstart and GIGM’s large customer bases the opportunity to book their preference of air and road transport. At Travelstart, our goal is to connect our customers from one place toanother; road transport offers yet another way for customers to journey to their final destination.”

This partnership represents a significant advancement in making travel more accessible and also hassle-free. GIGM and Travelstart provide a comprehensive solution for travelers, whether they are embarking on a short intercity trip or an international journey. Customers now have the convenience of booking their entire travel itinerary in one place, eliminating the inconvenience of visiting multiple websites.

“We are thrilled to partner with Travelstart and offer our customers an integrated booking experience,” said Enahoro Okhae, CEO of GIGM. “At GIGM, ensuring our guests’ comfort is paramount, and this partnership underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional service and convenience to our travelers. By leveraging our resources and technology, we are simplifying the travel planning process and enabling individuals to focus on enjoying their journeys.”

Joint support teams are poised to assist with any travel inquiries or booking issues, guaranteeing a seamless travel experience end-to-end.

This strategic partnership between GIGM and Travelstart signifies a pivotal moment in the transportation sector, driving innovation and enhancing accessibility for travelers across Nigeria, at a time where consumers require as much convenience as possible. Through this collaboration, both companies are poised to push development within the industry, ultimately redefining the standards of convenience and efficiency in travel.

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