Eko DisCo achieves N15.7 billion revenue in March

Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) has achieved a remarkable feat by collecting N15.7 billion out of the N15.8 billion billed to customers in March. This represents a collection efficiency of 99%, marking the lowest aggregated technical, commercial, and collection losses (ATC&C) in its history.

ATC&C losses encompass both technical and commercial aspects. Technical losses occur when electricity is lost through the distribution system due to factors like outdated or inefficient power cables and equipment. This is electricity that never gets to the customers.

“Commercial” losses, on the other hand, result from electricity theft, where consumers manipulate their meters to underreport usage.

In a letter to the company’s chairman, acting managing director and chief executive officer Rekhiat Momoh highlighted that EKEDC’s ATC&C decreased to 10.51% in March from 30.87% in February. This achievement signifies the team’s commitment to improved performance, with Momoh stating, “This monumental achievement is not just about numbers. It symbolizes our team’s readiness and resolve to ensure improved performance.”

Collection losses, another component of ATC&C, occur when the DisCo is unable to collect full payment from customers for the electricity they have used. EKEDC’s successful performance in March demonstrates its determination to excel and strive for greater heights in the future.

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