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Nike responds to backlash over Team USA track kits


Nike revealed the Team USA track and field kits for the 2024 Olympics on Thursday a clear difference from 2020 Japan Olympic track and kits the team. They weren’t well received.

One picture of the women’s kit in particular fomented a fierce backlash from female athletes, as the bottom of the kit showed a large amount of the pelvic region on a mannequin. Critics immediately accused Nike of making on overly skimpy uniform.

Nike responded to the backlash via Reuters in an article published Saturday, noting that it was offering unitard options to athletes with both a brief-style bottom and shorts. Sha’Carri Richardson, who runs the 100 meters, had modeled the shorts look Thursday.

Nike’s 2020 Olympics uniforms for USA, courtesy of Nike.

That is apparently an improvement from the Tokyo Games kit, in which only briefs were offered.

Of course, that one picture of the mannequin made for easy fodder on social media, with several athletes skewering the look.

A dissenting voice was 2020 Olympic pole vaulter Katie Moon, who actually wore the kit and said on X that she “didn’t feel worried about…things…popping out,” adding that it might have been more an issue with the mannequin.

Moon expanded on those thoughts Friday, noting that female athletes had the option to wear the men’s kit and claiming that attacks on the brief-style kit could actually be damaging for the female athletes who choose to wear them:

This is the second major blowback Nike has seen as an official supplier of uniforms this year, as the company and its partner, Fanatics, saw massive criticism for its new MLB uniforms ahead of the 2024 season. No one was a fan of the smaller lettering used for athlete names on the back of the tops, and the bottoms looked noticeably see-through.

In the latter case, Nike has said it’s working on potential solutions.

Credit: yahoonews.

Photo credit: yahoonews.


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