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Experience the wonder: Coca-Cola Caravan delivers yuletide glee to your doorstep

With the season of merrymaking in full swing, Coca-Cola is ushering in the real charm of festive jubilation with an extravaganza that is destined to touch hearts. The Coca-Cola Caravan is on a joy-spreading quest of imparting the very essence of Yuletide merriment to you, vowing to make everyone feel the charm of the season.

The Coca-Cola Caravan is far more than just a van, it’s a wandering jubilee, illuminating the spirit of Yuletide in communities and neighbourhoods across Nigeria. From the lively melody of age-old carols to the euphoric sounds of family gatherings, the caravan is a mobile illuminator of holiday spirit.

The magic doesn’t stop here! Coca-Cola introduces a unique and breakthrough AI platform for sharing love amongst your dearest friends and relatives. With AI Santa, you can design captivating Christmas greeting cards, sprinkled with the authentic Coca-Cola charisma.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the Caravan’s route and schedule, particularly if you are in Lagos, Enugu, and Port Harcourt. Stay glued to Coca-Cola’s social media handles for all the latest information on when the caravan will be imparting festive cheer in your neighbourhood.

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