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9mobile illuminates BNXN Abuja concert with distinctive customer experience


The vibrant Nigerian network, 9mobile, added excitement to the event featuring the popular afro-fusion singer and 9mobile’s brand ambassador, Daniel Benson, also known as BNXN, by sponsoring the concert and allowing its customers to engage with their beloved music icon. This endeavour is part of 9mobile’s commitment to continually involve and inspire its customer base with exclusive, youth-oriented, and dynamic experiences.

Chineze Amanfo, the head of Public Relations at 9mobile, explained that this initiative is in line with the brand’s strategy to utilize its brand ambassadors’ activities to connect with and further engage customers in innovative ways. She emphasized that 9mobile is dedicated to nurturing a vibrant community of young individuals passionate about creativity and ingenuity, and the BNXN Abuja concert offers an ideal platform to achieve this goal.

Amanfo further stated, “Providing our customers with the opportunity to be a part of this concert is one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to listening and caring for them. BNXN enjoys a substantial following and deeply resonates with our subscriber base, especially those passionate about music and creativity. It means a great deal to us to witness their enjoyment of this experience.”

Chinelo Ikeh-Mbanefo, the Specialist in Events and Sponsorship at 9mobile, expressed, “As a dynamic and youthful brand, 9mobile is naturally drawn to BNXN, who possesses qualities that align perfectly with the preferences of today’s youthful audience. With his unique afro-fusion style, BNXN continues to make significant strides in the music industry, making it effortless for Nigerian youth to connect with him, as evidenced by the recent Abuja concert. This connection holds immense significance in serving both 9mobile’s existing and potential customers.”

BNXN joined 9mobile as a brand ambassador in June 2023, alongside Beauty Tukura and Franklyn Ikemefuna, better known as ‘Samo Agbero’ or ‘Vader Wildcard.’ The BNXN Abuja concert was organized following the release of his debut album, “Sincerely, Benson,” offering his fan base the chance to experience his new music live, along with his previous works.

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