Experience the smallest details on the larger screen with the new LG QNED TV


Generally speaking, a larger TV screen is a good thing. Larger TVs have grown in popularity among consumers as well as in availability over time. Because of developments in film technology, they let viewers fully immerse themselves in the subject they’re watching by bringing our favourite stories to life on screen in more realistic ways.

The bigger the screen, the smaller the details need to be. As such, the LG QNED Mini LED TV packs smaller LEDs into the backlight compared to other similarly-sized TV screens, increasing brightness and dimming zones.

However, simply having a larger screen does not always result in a hyper-realistic viewing experience. As we enter the era of ultra-large TVs, LG Electronics has been upgrading its screen technology to provide the best in-home entertainment. To learn more about these changes, we are exploring three key features that make the large-screen experience truly exceptional.

An enriched colour experience with Quantum Dot NanoCell

LG has combined NanoCell and Quantum Dot technologies in its QNED TVs—the only display manufacturer to have done this—to produce richer and more vibrant colours than were previously possible on LCD TVs. The latest 75” and 65” LG QNED 81 series TVs, available in 2023 and a popular choice among consumers, bring a new level of immersion to viewing content in true 4K at 120 Hz. They are also the most accessible in the new QNED range.

LG has taken QNED a step further by adding Mini-LED technology to some models in the range. Whereas conventional LED TVs only have a few hundred LEDs used for backlighting, QNED Mini-LED TVs are lit with up to 30,000 mini-LEDs. These mini-LEDs are smaller and more densely distributed, allowing them to produce far higher peak brightness, crisp picture quality, and richer colours. They also feature Full-Array Local Dimming to reduce backlight bleeding, or the ‘halo effect’ and deliver deep blacks in dark scenes. This allows QNED Mini-LEDs to boast a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, whereas your typical LCD display only goes up to roughly 1,000:1.

This year, LG has introduced “75QNED” and “65QNED” models to its QNED 81 series. The models in this series all come in stunning true 4K resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

More intelligent technology with α7 AI Processor 4K Gen6

At the heart of LG’s QNED TV being released is the company’s α7 AI Processor 4K Gen6. The processor uses deep learning algorithms to automatically adjust picture and colour quality based on the content you’re watching. This includes body and object enhancement, foreground and background enhancement, and even resolution upscaling that can convert low-resolution content to true 4K resolution on compatible models. Furthermore, get complete entertainment with superior sound with the LG Soundbar, specially designed to work seamlessly with your QNED TV, pairing up to deliver the perfect entertainment experience. With WOW interface, when connected to an LG TV, the soundbar automatically switches to soundbar sound mode.

LG has also upgraded its Smart TV platform with the latest webOS 23 and a new operating system with a more intuitive interface. Home viewers can now create personal profiles for ease of access and tailored content recommendations based on their viewing history.

 Unlock Gaming Greatness & Best Bright Room TV For Watching Sports

The new LG QNED81 75″, 65” TV offers 120fps gaming, big screen, bright colour, accurate images, and amazing upscaling. Whether viewers are looking for the best way to watch sports and movies or upgrade their gaming experiences, LG’s display technologies have raised the bar for home entertainment.

QNED TV remains one of the best TVs for sports. It has an incredibly wide viewing angle, making it a perfect choice for watching the big game with a large group of friends in a wide seating arrangement, as everyone will have a good experience; no more fighting over the best spot on the couch, as the image remains consistent even at a very wide angle. In addition to the wide viewing angle, the TV has a near-instantaneous response time, so fast-moving players and balls are crystal-clear, with no distracting motion blur behind them. It has superb reflection handling, so you don’t have to worry too much about glare on a sunny day.

The latest generation of QNED TVs reflects incredible innovations when it comes to both panel technology and the software inside the TVs.

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