Communications experts can help shape govt’s policies, programmes for public buy-in, says Olaosebikan, McEnies-CEO


The CEO of McEnies Global Communications, Omolaraeni Olaosebikan has said that corporate communications professionals need to show readiness to partner with NGOs and governments at all levels in order to drive desirable results and build capacity by designing and properly communicating programmes and reforms to the target audiences.

She added that experts must be seen at the forefront of championing and deepening governments and NGOs policies and initiatives through use of contemporary tools of communication to educate the general public on human development initiatives which essentially look out for them to live a better life within their respective communities.

Speaking in Lagos with some selected senior brand reporters to mark her monthly media briefing at the popular Eko hotel on Friday August 18, 2023, Omolaraeni urged the President, Governors and NGOs to employ seasoned professionals, who are strategic brand communicators and specialists, as partners in Progress.

She said, “As integrated marketing communication professionals, we just hope this will be a great opportunity to let the world know we can be an indispensable partner in progress with government across all levels and also with NGOs. State actors need professional brand communicators and specialists because people are brands. We need people that would not just sell in the country, sell in the brand but understand the ethics of it which is the most important aspect of the value chain.

“We need professionals to sit down and craft a strategy to work in the entire system and then implement it using the vehicle of the media to drive it. Honestly there is an urgent need to strengthen Nigeria’s marketing communication economy, all for the greater good of our nation.

“For example, currently there is no strategic campaign put in place about the distribution of palliatives that have been provided to the people by the government to cushion the impacts of the subsidy removal on premium motor spirit, most people do not know because there aren’t enough communication strategies in place to help the people to know and be well informed of what they need to do to take part in the scheme. It’s the role of the integrated marketing communications experts to partner with the government to get the words out to the public, using appropriate channels of communication.

“By focusing on sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, solid minerals, services, and investing in infrastructure, education and technology, Nigeria can unlock its economic potential, create employment opportunities and improve the standard of living for its citizens when the good use of excellent marketing communications strategies are rightfully deployed.

Omolaraeni equally added that the communication industry shouldn’t be an all comers affairs but it must only be for only those who are trained, qualified and licensed to practice while also putting into cognizance the ethics of the profession.

According to her: “An enforceable standard of practice needs to be established to provide acceptable industry-wide rules of engagement and this must cut across the interests of several sectors in the industry.”

While reminiscing on the roles played by some professional communicators during the 2023 election circle, the Ekiti-born marketing communications guru said:

“I have said it before in one of my old interviews and I must re-echo it again that our seasoned professionals truly proved their mettle in the 2023 election circle. Meanwhile, they made those who didn’t engage them to realize it was a bad outing for them in terms of positive outputs. I saw our people developing increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques during that period. Remarkably, these thrilling narratives and success stories which are becoming more visible in Nigeria at a time like this must be applauded. The practitioners, mostly youngsters, are not just making tremendous contributions to the growth of the industry, they are positively disrupting and developing the nation’s broader business and political landscape.”

Omolaraeni continued; “Strategic communications will help clarify and paint a clearer picture of the policy direction and overriding ideology of the government, in terms of what destination they are headed? Why does it matter? What are the implications and benefits for the nation and citizens in the different socio-economic groups? What level of adjustment and support is required from the various stakeholders for its success? What is the picture of the expected change or transformation if they need to succeed? Among other salient variables.” She noted.


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