Dataleum celebrates 4 years of impact

…Launches operations in the United Kingdom  



Dataleum, the reputable training and consulting firm known for upskilling individuals and connecting talents with opportunities, is proud to celebrate its 4th anniversary! Building upon its years of success, Dataleum is excited to announce its expansion into the United Kingdom, providing its exceptional services to an even broader audience. This comes a few months after Dataleum was recognized and awarded as the Ed-Tech Startup of West Africa by the Global Startup Awards.

Dataleum’s commitment to excellence in training and talent matching has earned them accreditation from The UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP), this signifies Dataleum’s compliance with high training standards. The UKRLP has played a pivotal role in transforming the education landscape, facilitating the growth of global training providers like Dataleum.  As a verified provider, Dataleum stands as a powerhouse to provide global opportunities for its trainees, as well as seamlessly collaborate with international agencies, enhancing their reach and impact in the United Kingdom and across borders.

“We are thrilled to celebrate our 4th anniversary and take this significant step forward by expanding into the UK,” said Bode Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder of Dataleum. “This accreditation reflects our commitment to quality and expertise, allowing us to better serve our trainees and partners globally.”

Dataleum’s expansion into the diaspora opens doors to countless opportunities for individuals seeking to upskill, and businesses looking to harness top talent. With their proven track record of cutting-edge talent development programs, and now, this international market expansion, Dataleum is poised to make a lasting impact on the Global Tech landscape.


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