AMVCA to launch first-ever Impact Report on July 24


The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) is proud to announce the upcoming release of its first-ever Impact Report, providing a comprehensive analysis of the significant contributions and positive impact the prestigious award ceremony has made on Africa’s film sector. The report is set to launch on July 24, 2023.

The AMVCA Impact Report, produced by BHM Research & Intelligence, represents a major milestone in the history of the AMVCA, offering a comprehensive and data-driven review of the growth and development of the African entertainment industry. This rigorously-researched document will provide insights, statistics, and success stories from the past nine successful editions of the AMVCA, highlighting the achievements, advancements, and socio-economic contributions of the award event.

Through a comprehensive mixed-method research approach, including an extensive survey targeting industry stakeholders and movie enthusiasts, in-depth interviews with past AMVCA awardees and industry professionals and rigorous content analysis — among others, the report aims to provide industry stakeholders, policymakers, investors, and the general public with a deeper understanding of the industry’s evolution.

The AMVCA Impact Report will cover a range of key areas, including:

Economic Impact: Examining the financial implications of the AMVCA on the African entertainment industry, including increased investments, revenue generation, and job creation.

Talent Development: Assessing the nurturing and promotion of African talent within the film and television industry, as well as the resulting professional opportunities and skills development.

Social Impact: Highlighting the societal change brought about by the AMVCA, including increased diversity and inclusion, positive cultural representation, and the use of entertainment for social advocacy.

Industry Growth: Exploring the overall growth and expansion of the African film and television industry, with a focus on storytelling quality, technological advancements, international collaborations and market penetration.

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