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Distributors, others, foster collaboration at FMN’s annual B2C sales and marketing conference

Distributors, partners, and stakeholders who attended the recent annual B2C sales and marketing conference organized by Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc’s (FMN), a leading food and agro allied company and the owner of the iconic brand ‘Golden Penny’ at Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos, with the theme, “Stronger Together” fostered collaboration, shared insights, and explored innovative strategies to grow their business.



The highly anticipated conference which commenced in the morning and concluded with an enthralling awards ceremony in the evening, served as a testament to FMN’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating exceptional achievements of its dealers across several regions in Nigeria.


The highlight of the awards ceremony was the acknowledgment of outstanding dealers through prestigious awards and substantial cash prizes which showcased FMN’s dedication to honoring exceptional performance and motivating its partners to reach greater heights.



The top three winners of the national category, who displayed remarkable commitment, outstanding sales performance, and unparalleled dedication to their craft are:



Alhaji Lamidi Monsur Ayoade who was honored as the overall best dealer, a testament to his unwavering dedication and extraordinary accomplishments. He was rewarded for his exceptional performance and outstanding business acumen with a cash prize of N25 million naira, recognizing his invaluable contributions to Flour Mills of Nigeria’s success.



Alhaji Saleh Idris who claimed the second-place prize, for his exceptional sales prowess and outstanding contributions to the company. His remarkable achievements earned him a cash prize of N20 million naira.



Hajia Khadijat Amoo secured the third-place prize, for her outstanding performance and dedication. She won a cash prize of up to N15 million naira.



These invaluable individuals and other distributors from regions across Nigeria, exemplify the spirit of excellence and dedication that permeates the FMN community. Their achievements inspire and motivate their peers and aspiring professionals within the industry.



During the event, FMN’s Group Managing Director and CEO, Boye Olusanya, expressed his appreciation for the dedication and hard work demonstrated by the dealers. He stated, “When we look at where we are today as an organisation that has been sustainably feeding the nation everyday for the past six decades we can see and testify to the valuable contributions of our business partners and dealers, I particularly encourage all of us to continue to commit towards taking the business to greater heights”. His words reaffirmed FMN’s commitment to continuous growth, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.



Also speaking on the Groups continuous commitment to nurturing valuable partnerships  Devlin Hainsworth, MD Foods stated, “At FMN we have always been an organisation that creates an enabling environment for our people to thrive, this B2C dealers conference and awards is an annual event that allow us reward our business partners, share insights on our past experiences and how to make the new financial year more progressive. We are truly honored to celebrate their accomplishments and look forward to continuing our journey towards growth and success together”.



One of the dealers and recipients of the awards Alhaji Lamidi Monsur Ayoade expressed his gratitude to FMN for being an invaluable partner over the years, in his words he stated, “For so may years that I have been with FMN, I can testify to the fact that it is not just business as usual with them they ensure that as the Group grows the dealers business also grows and thrives too, this financial rewards is just part of the many ways FMN has been supporting our business over the years and I can tell you that I am here for the long run”.



FMN extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the award winners, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the growth and success of the organization. The annual B2C sales and marketing conference served as a platform to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and inspire industry professionals to reach new heights.



FMN is dedicated to fostering valuable collaboration, recognizing excellence, and driving growth across their touch points. And through its annual B2C sales and marketing conference the group aims to empower industry professionals and partners to achieve their full potential and make a positive impact in Nigeria’s business landscape.


Source: Plaqad

Image source: Plaqad

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