McEnies CEO, Omolaraeni explains her trajectory, growth in managing blue-chip clients for over two decades

Omolaraeni Olaosebikan, the CEO of McEnies Global Communications’ love for integrated marketing communication has pushed her to become a versatile expert in her corporate career with over two decade-long spans of experiences of managing blue chip clients from various multinational companies.

Her laudable feats have not only earned her fame but many laurels in the highly competitive industry, not even her gender could serve as a barrier for her in parameter setting with precision and ultimately in achieving key milestones.

The seasoned and thorough bred entrepreneur extensively spoke on Thursday, April 20, 2023 with some selected senior brand correspondents in Ibadan where she highlighted her experiences in her choice of career. “In my career, I have grown to the point where I have proven myself. How creative and dedicated I am to the business and everything I do”. She stated


Olaosebikan who currently handles accounts in oil and gas industry, hospitality, banking/finance, fashion/style and tourism services, whilst fielding questions from journalists during her interactive monthly media chat further said:

“McEnies operates a result driven business, ensuring that all results are measurable and transparent. In our tool-kit are: excellence, creativity, accountability, professionalism & integrity. With this, we have successfully proved our services to a wide array of clients in the area of advertising, media planning and buying, content and sponsorship, Public Relations, events management/activation as well as digital marketing. Depending on which angle of the prism you are looking from, you would see us either as a phoenix or the mistress of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). You would be right any ways. But be certain that great things lie ahead for our outfit and our clients ultimately stand a better chance of being optimally satisfied without regret.”


She continues, “At a time stakeholder in the marketing communication industry thought the business environment was too tough for anybody to venture into, McEnies Global Communications was established with the vision and commitment to change the marketing communications landscape. However, in just about three years of operation in the highly competitive industry in the country, we have significantly proven to become an iconic creative brand, with the array of local and international awards and accolades in the industry.

Responding to the question of list of landmarks in the industry, Omolaraeni answered: “With all sense of humility and gratitude to God we are growing in leaps and bounds, on the list of our landmarks in the industry within the shortest possible time of our existence if I start to talk about it, this press briefing won’t stop till tomorrow afternoon and I’m not joking. The patronage and success stories have been so great and phenomenal.

“Beyond the conventional creativity, we are one professionally inclined organization that prides itself as a solution provider to brands challenges in the marketplace by looking into their business problems and strategic way of solving them. If the yardstick for judgment is based on volume of business, billings and ability to rejuvenate brands, obviously, McEnies Global Communications is a market leader in the media planning and buying business.

“To achieve our targeted result, we believe to always deploy insight–driven media strategy and planning by defining marketing problems, probing challenges among others. Perhaps the secret of McEnies success lies in the strength of our network and outstanding talents. Please kindly permit me to applaud my team and our partners in progress for the feats we’ve recorded and still recording.

“As an ambitious creative community of talents, we develop brand experiences by working with our clients in a collaborative way that yields experimentation and new ideas. Our consistent great works are what have continually brought fame and fortune to us. This strategic thrust has undoubtedly guaranteed and deepened remarkable relevance and effectiveness for us as an entity.

“Truly, we have stayed true to our core belief of seeking and building differentiation on profound truths about all our clients, no wonder we have remained an ambitious creative community in our quest to become an iconic global idea brand creatively turning knowledge into value for businesses.” Omolaraeni said.

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