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Vine Soul Ventures introduces unique Adire designs


By Adetunji Faleye

Leading makers and seller of clothing materials, Vine Soul Ventures over the weekend unveiled authentic Adire designs into the Nigerian market at its Agege office.

Unveiling the Adire designs, the managing director of the fashion outfit, Mrs Tokunbo Oyedele said, Vine Soul Ventures is introducing authentic Adire designs into the market to enable Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora have access to quality Adire fabrics and save them from buying low-quality ones that are available in the market.

The managing director said, the uniqueness of Vine Soul’s Adire is incomparable and the fabrics can stand the test of time in the face of hard weather and harsh detergents.



“The uniqueness of Adire designs (the traditional aspect of it) enables us to understand the meaning of some basic things about our culture and also the symbols. For instance, the cowries in some of the designs symbolise money, the cassava leaves symbolise life, and also the earrings symbolise hearing of good news.  When we think deeply about life and nature, this could bring us back to life and help us to remember the need to appreciate our maker, our tradition and culture. Adire fabrics are not just made because we want to make clothes, we need to think deeply about designs to make.

“If I could work in a reputable paint company for 16 years dealing in colour matching, colour scheming and ultimately satisfying customers’ colour needs, I believe this is an inspiration to make colour scheme for people choosing beautiful designs for their fabrics and delightfully giving them beautiful colours that can go along with them.” She said.

Tokunbo said the choice of Adire designs is because of the uniqueness of the fabrics, their strength and style which are serving as competitive edge over other fabrics and designs in the market. She added that she has been in production and sales of Adire designs for more than four years non-stop with a load of encouragement from buyers, who believed they have spent their money wisely and derived joy in their choice.

“The competitive edge of our Adire fabric over other brands in the market is that our fabrics and designs are made in Nigerian. Its dazzling and elegant effects give boldness to buyers and also afford them the opportunity to request their choices and promptly delivered.

“Also, every Adire pattern connotes deep-rooted meaning to different buyers because it is a home-made fabric that suits all occasions. You can order for your designs and you are sure of getting your orders perfectly designed for your own use.” She added.

She said customer response has been so amazing, adding that management is working tirelessly and very soon Vine Soul Ventures, by the grace of God, will expand to other states of the federation and the West African coast to satisfy more customers.

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