IWD: Women in advertising seek equity in appointments


Women in marketing communications on Wednesday celebrated International Women’s Day, calling on firms in the industry to ensure equity in their appointments.

Dressed in dentsu Nigeria uniform, the women displayed the #embraceequity symbol in solidarity with other women globally.

This was contained in a statement issued by dentsu Nigeria’s Corporate Communications Manager, Sodiq Oyeleke.

Reacting to biases against women, the General Manager of D’Agyle Nigeria, Marian Ogaziechi, explained that women are nurturers who always wanted the best for their subordinates.

Asked if women bosses are tougher to work with, she said, “First off, being tough is not rooted in gender. Women are biologically wired to be nurturers and could be perceived to be going beyond boundaries despite good intentions.

“These stereotypes should be discarded. Women should be accepted as equally innovative and major contributors to organisational success.”

On her part, the Chief Operating Officer of dentsu X Nigeria, Adekemi Alegbeleye, described women as dynamic, saying they kept excelling in every area – government, corporate and business organisations.

“As we move forward in society, women need to be truly included and have a sense of belonging wherever they are represented, only then can we say that all barriers have been broken and the same rules and conditions apply irrespective of gender,” she noted.

The Managing Director of Iproviz, Yetunde Adegbite, urged organisations to stop denying females top roles in their organisations.

She said, “Overall, addressing the denial of top roles to females will require a multifaceted approach that addresses all of the above factors. This could include policies and initiatives to reduce bias and discrimination, increase representation and diversity, and provide women with the opportunities and resources they need to succeed.

“I am glad that times have changed; we have organizations like dentsu that appreciate the role of women in leadership and have given both male and female employees an equal unbiased opportunity to excel at their job.”

The Chief Operating Officer, Funke Adekola, urged women to make excellence their watchword in their places of work.

“Working with excellence in mind at all times is very important because in doing your best, you are sure of consistently putting out your best work. In time those who work with you will know to always bring their excellent game because you will be known for taking no less,” she added.

Also, the Digital Performance Director of iProspect Nigeria, Elizabeth Akinyele, noted that the digital world needs more women’s perspectives, skills, curiosity, and ideas to design a future open and integrated for all.

“We need more women in technology. Their exclusion can deprive this industry of the crucial human resources it needs to grow, additionally having more women in tech can foster the growth of women-related tech products,” MediaFuse-Dentsu’s IT Director, Roberta Edu, added.

Media Director for Posterscope, Theresa Ogah, said women were inspirational to her career growth.

“In the span of my career, I have been inspired by several female bosses in one way or another, watching these women run or manage high stake roles in their respective industries while joggling and nurturing a growing family. I believe that more women will find the courage to live their dreams and be the champion of the change they seek,” she added.

Speaking on how females can achieve a work-life balance, dentsu Nigeria’s Financial Director, Funmi Lawal, urged women to develop the right support system at home and in the workplace.

“Don’t be an island, ask for help. Also, knowing when to take a break and prioritising self-care is key to achieving a sound mind and work-life balance. Proper time planning and management are important. As professionals, it is important to know when to pause and breathe,” she added.

The Group Managing Director of dentsu Nigeria, Emeka Chris Okeke, commended women for their developmental roles in the advertising industry.

He said, “At dentsu, we believe that an inclusive culture creates high-performing, empowered, and engaged teams. The success of women in our organisation benefits all and more importantly having women in over 70% of senior positions is critical. Congratulations and thumbs up to all ladies in the house on this occasion of International Women’s Day. You are all warriors of humanity and integral to the survival of the human race and businesses worldwide!”



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