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On-going elections have slowed down business activities, Tolulope Medebem

One of Nigeria’s leading experiential marketers and chief executive of Aster Integrated Marketing, Tolulope Medebem has pointed out that the ongoing elections in the country is the major challenge confronting businesses in the past few days.


Speaking exclusively to Media Consortium at her office in Ikeja, she said, businesses have no choice but to slow down their marketing and other activities to see how the elections will span out.


She said before 2023 elections business activities had since resumed fully and continued to gather momentum post Covid, because Covid was no longer an as excuse.


“It is obvious that we cannot be using Covid as excuse any longer, because we have gone out of that. Post covid, everybody had to get back on their feet. Clients have to survive. They have to communicate to the group, gradually things came back to place. What may have slowed down business this period is the election. A lot of people have slowed down to see how the election pans out,” she said.


In spite the fact that some people may also finger the ARCON law that came into play to regulate the advertising industry as another challenge, Tulolope believed that the law will create a win-win situation for everyone in spite the upheaval that came with it.


Her word: “Part of what I believe the ARCON law will do is that at the end, we will have a symbiotic relationship. It’s about partnering, because at the end of the day we are all part of the same ecosystem because we give life to one other. But, if we continue the way we are, agencies will close shop, and if all the agencies die what happens?


“I heard that some businesses want to put up agencies in-house and I wonder how sustainable this will be? I think we can come up with new ideas and suggestions to the ARCON boss in order to improve the industry, if some of the ARCON laws are not working properly. I think it’s a revolving project.”

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