Incorporating Media Performance Audit into your PR budget is smart!


By Queen Nwabueze


The fact that media intelligence has emerged as a crucial instrument that the public relations industry is utilizing to subdue media inattentiveness is one of the millions of wow impacts of this era.

How does your company’s brand see key performance indicators (KPI) for your PR campaigns? To make things easier, think of KPIs as more of a micro measurement that enables you to assess a campaign’s progress over time. You see? Not really that profound. On the other hand, Return on Objectives (ROO) focuses more on the big picture and how beneficial the actual outcomes are.

All of this is basically a big fuss over the fact that using one statistic to gauge your media performance is insufficient. A positive outcome is one that meets all requirements and then some.

There are ways to quantify and analyze PR values for your company and demonstrate that media intelligence is the best investment you can make in all of your marketing activities, despite the fact that doing so is not as simple as you may believe.

The immense advantages of PR measurement in modern Nigerian corporates are simply beyond description. The customary no longer applies. Given that all data flows from Media Intelligence services, specifically P+ Measurement Services, there is no longer any correct or incorrect way to conduct it.

Still unsure? Your brand can benefit from media performance audits by being tracked, discovering patterns, gathering competitive and industry-specific media intelligence, and even monitoring difficulties in real time.

In reality, media intelligence is a component of 21st-century public relations practice that has demonstrated more to see than merely newspaper clippings and “measuring” using dated AVE ( ), a wind that has never been beneficial to the Nigerian media monitoring and intelligence industry.

We didn’t anticipate how much PR measurement and performance auditing were being done in reality by media intelligence services like P+ Measurement Services.

Whoever it was that sowed in this soil of abandoning Advertising Benefit Equivalence and introducing fundamental insights and analytics to demonstrate the true value of all public relations activities had actually planted on fertile soil. Therefore, folks of this PR era have experienced an open sky.

This takes us to our Truth or Dare question: “Does your organization have a budget for media monitoring and intelligence? Sincerely, what media intelligence agencies track and analyze all of your PR efforts?

It’s about time you stole your PR assessment away from people who aren’t qualified or licensed to do the job! In one way or another, professionals in every sector rely on media intelligence information from local and national print, TV, radio, online, and social media sources. Why then does your PR budget not include a media performance audit?

It is impossible to overstate the importance of media intelligence in helping your brand grasp and comprehend the significance of each media engagement and opinion. Additionally, it assists you in proving the real worth of your money for public relations and communications! Therefore, it makes sense that intelligence is frequently considered in the framework of public relations (PR) even if it is much more robust than that.

There are numerous methods to employ a media monitoring and intelligence agency for objectives more than just tracking earned media, regardless of your sector. So, it makes sense to include a Media Performance Audit in your PR budget!

It’s interesting to note that finding out where you or your rivals are mentioned isn’t the main goal; finding out where you or they aren’t is! That is what P+ Measurement Services adds above and beyond.

You say it, Could we have survived relying just on the severely stunted AVE as the only method of PR appraisal before the advent of the information superhighway? Obviously not!

P+ assists clients in finding the right road to PR success quickly. P+ is a well-respected source of media intelligence for PR agencies, corporate communicators, and media relations managers.

In search of the top professionals in the Nigerian media monitoring and intelligence sector? There is no need because P+ has always been the favoured option because it sets the standard.

Are you still unsure about where to begin when it comes to media performance?


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Queen Nwabueze is a Media & Content Strategist, based in Lagos.

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