DigiCulture boss, Nelson Ochonogor calls for accurate use of data


For brands and marketing communications experts to achieve the desired result in whatever channel they deploy to reach their target audience, accurate data should be employed.

Nelson Ochonogor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DigiCulture, a technology consulting firm made the statement during a panel discussion at this year’s Brands and Marketing Conference organized by Brand Journalists Association of Nigeria (BJAN) in commemoration of her 10th anniversary on November 25, 2022 in Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos.

According to him, the problem is not lack of data but, keeping the available data in updated form to serve its relevance when in use.

Using influencer marketing as a case study, he said: “I have worked with a lot of people and start-ups and to a great extent I can say that marketing to the consumers through influencers also buoys down to the use of data.

“For me, irrespective of how much budget you have given to that celebrity to market your product once the desired returns are not achieved it become a wasted effort because ultimately, the aim of every business is to make profit.

“And to mitigate this, the brand owners will have to go back to the numbers to reconcile what they have spent to what is realized. It is not because the influencer did not do the job it bouys down to you not having appropriate data to who you are targeting or what you are targeting.

He disagrees with the argument by some people that there are no data but posited that there are enough data but how have we used them is what bothers him.

“Do we have the right algorithm to put the data at our disposal to good use. How often do we update the records. There are instances where Date of people who have died are still in the system and somebody is marketing them- people who have died for a long time how much value can one get from there? I believe that if we can get the right algorithm to narrow things like this down and ensure we have clean and updated data, to make the data useable we will get the right result.

Continuing he said: “Lagos State started something a few years ago with LASRA, excellent, now how much have they updated that record to capture people who have moved out of the state. Some have died and some have new kids, are all these information inputted in the existing records. I think milking that data together will give us the expected result,” Nelson affirmed.

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