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OneHealth launches OneWellness App for Africans living with non-communicable diseases


L-R: Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson; CEO & Founder, Healthtracka, Adeola Alli; CEO & Founder, OneHealth, Adham Yehia; President & Co-Founder, DrugStoc and Dare Odumade; CEO & Founder, Chekkit at the OneWellness launch event in Lagos recently.


With the aim of helping Africans living with non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like arthritis, high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, sickle cell anemia, heart diseases and so on, live better lives, Nigeria’s leading digital-first pharmacy and healthcare platform, OneHealth has launched a new and innovative app, OneWellness.


OneWellness has impressive features for its users including medication, vitals and refill reminders, automated medicine and lab test deliveries, compulsory weekly check ins & follow-ups, 24/7 medication sourcing, test consultations with qualified Doctors, dedicated care partners and many more.


The OneWellness App enables real-time notifications to help users and their caregivers manage their medications, treatment and recovery in a timely manner.


Speaking to participants at the Launch event in October, 2022 , CEO & Founder, OneHealth, Adeola Alli stated that, “OneWellness provides a holistic approach to healthcare management, via our vetted methodology: Access, Adherence and Accountability (3As). With the app, users are assigned a dedicated care partner available via chats, call or video and they can track vitals, consult doctors and specialists as well as report medication-related problems.”


The new app will help over 250,000 people access affordable medicines and healthcare by the year 2024.


Adeola Alli says that, “Since 2020 when the idea of OneWellness was founded, the product has impacted over 1000 lives, onboarded over 200 Doctors and Specialists, partnered with over 846 Pharmacies and saved over 5 Million Naira in healthcare costs.”


She added that, “Medicine non-adherence as one of the biggest inhibitors for people living with NCDs is one of the major motivators for OneWellness. Our approach to non-communicable diseases is to help identify, resolve and prevent medicine-related problems, optimize medication therapy, reduce adverse events and improve clinical outcomes.”


Based on World Health statistics, Non-communicable diseases threaten the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which includes reducing all probability of death from NCDs. 74% of all global deaths are as a result of these NCDs and 77% of these deaths come from low and middle-income countries.


WHO has estimated that adherence with long-term therapy for chronic illnesses averages 50% in developed countries and is even lower in developing countries. Furthermore, it has been estimated that 20% of new prescriptions are never filled, and even among those filled, approximately 50% are taken incorrectly (errors regarding dosage and timing or frequency administration). Effective treatments are therefore failing to realize their potential in reducing the burden of NCDs owing to poor patient adherence.


OneHealth has been a pioneer in using technology to provide numerous pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions. Its product, the OneWellness App can be accessed at or downloaded on Playstore and App Store.


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