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Canon embarks on much-awaited Canon R Tour in Nigeria


Canon Central and North Africa is set to embark on the Canon R Tour journey to Nigeria that falls in line with the company’s vision to bring together the finest imaging technology solutions to the continent of Africa. Through the R tour, Canon is also launching its revolutionary mirrorless range of products for the first time in Nigeria – the EOS R3, EOS R5 C, EOS R7, and EOS R10.

Canon hosted a Masterclass with Canon Certified trainer Austen Udoh, on its renowned mirrorless products, followed by an open exhibition that put on display some of Canon’s best products for the audiences to touch and try on August 23rd, 2022. Furthermore, photography workshops will also be held on 24th and 25th August 2022 with Canon photographers who will shine light on their best tips and tricks to use Canon’s revolutionary full-frame R system lineup. Starting on August 24th, the photography workshops will commence with Canon ambassador Emanuel Oyeleke putting the spotlight on Canon EOS R3, followed by photographer Victor Modo on EOS R3, and finally, conclude on August 25th with PRO influencer Daniel Ehimen on EOS R5C.

Panel Discussion on Rising Industry of Content Creators (2)

The EOS R3 offers all the familiarity and speed of Canon’s celebrated EOS-1 series, with the innovation and versatility of the pioneering EOS R System whereas the EOS R5 C is a powerful, hybrid cinema camera that combines the professional filmmaking features of the Cinema EOS range with the EOS R System’s photo capabilities.


Connecting, communicating & co-creating

Centering its vision of getting closer to its customers and imaging community in Nigeria, Canon has set up various experiential booths to facilitate audiences in getting an authentic experience of the Canon universe. A total of five different experiential booths promises a thrilling ride for the participants. The R series & Pro Printer booth will put on display the Canon R series line-up along with its different accessories as well as showcase the brilliance of the PRO printers through a live photoshoot and printing experience. The Canon Showroom will spark curiosity among visitors for Canon’s high-end DSLR range, the lineup of its Cinema products, along with Inkjet and laser printers. Likewise, the Documentary Production Booth will offer an exciting experience to avid documentary filmmakers and cinematographers by simulating a food documentary experience, while action and sports photography enthusiasts can experience diverse photography techniques to capture split-second moments at the action booth where it will showcase an exhilarating fast-paced aerial act performance. Lastly, there will also be a Service Check and Clean booth, where audiences can get their Canon gear checked and cleaned by professionals.

“The objective behind setting up these different booths is for our end users, enthusiasts and customers, and media to really get up close and personal with Canon products to gather all the knowledge, and additional tips and tricks they need to use their Canon products optimally. We truly practice what we preach, and the R-tour is a living testimony of Canon’s commitment to get closer to its customers. It gives us an opportunity to connect, learn, teach, communicate, and co-create with our passionate end users who are as eager to interact with us, as we are with them. The roaring success of our previous R-tours in Africa highlights the mammoth efforts taken by Canon to build long-lasting relationships with our consumers,” remarked Amine Djouahra, Director of Sales and Marketing, Canon Central and North Africa.

“Nigeria is a land of creativity and is home to the second biggest film industry in the world, there is absolutely no doubt that the country needs best-in-class photography and videography products and that’s precisely what we do. Canon and Nigeria are a perfect match for each other, and I know that this R-tour will help us fortify this bond of creativity even further,” he continues.

The last day of Canon’s R-tour in Nigeria, August 25th will witness the first ever African Canon Creators Summit, where content creators will be invited to learn and exchange knowledge on the nitty-gritties of content creation. The space will also help participants to better understand the significance of imaging and using the right equipment and tools to achieve the right outcome. The summit will also host a panel discussion on ‘The importance of quality content creation and how it can grow industries. In addition, content creators will be part of future local creator summits along with a performance-based opportunity to attend Canon Creator Summit in Dubai, and exclusive product offers to purchase Canon products.


Spreading goodness – Project Ire

Canon will commence its Project Ire through R-tour with a vision to support and sustain a year-long collaboration with influencers that are spreading goodness and giving back to their respective communities by generating awareness through their art-forms. Canon will collaborate with influencers that include Mofe Bamuyiwa, George Okoro, Princemeyson, Eleanor Goodey, Bedge, Aham Ibeleme and Gazmadu. Coinciding with the Canon’s Kyosei philosophy that stands for working and living together for the common good, the word ‘Ire’ stands for goodness and thus Project Ire will focus on bringing the goodness out of Canon’s avant-garde technology to further the cause of spreading goodness for different communities in Nigeria. The chosen influencers will be exclusively offered the opportunity to test drive Canon’s mirrorless line-up of products, along with a range of online and/or offline masterclasses in a bid to propel the wave of storytelling in Nigeria. Images captured by the influencers who are part of Project Ire will be printed on Canon Pro 300 Printer at the University of Lagos.


The spirit of storytelling

As part of the R-tour, Canon will also be announcing a partnership with Shuttersnetwork – a photo community based in Abuja, Nigeria in an endeavor to promote the spirit of storytelling through community engagement, content creation, and social media awareness. Canon’s online activities to generate community engagement in the Shuttersnetwork will include photo competitions, live sessions on Shutter’s network community page along with online panel discussions and masterclasses whereas the offline activities will include photo walks and physical masterclasses. Additionally, photography and videography campaigns and training will also be held by Canon to facilitate creation of inspirational content, along with the availability of Canon’s demonstration products for the network.

Canon Central and North Africa has successfully launched its R-tour previously in Morocco, Egypt and Kenya and intends to continue this journey of building relationships by getting closer to its customers throughout the African continent.

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