Voting for Consumers Value Awards ends June 30


Consumers Value Broadcasting conveners of the Consumers Value Award have announced that the closing date for the online voting for brands of repute; and influence is 30th June 2022.


The online voting portal opened on 1st May 2022 and will close on 30th June 2022, making it exactly three months of consumers expressing preferences for brands considered to be of value.

Over forty categories of brands are on the portal contending for the votes of the consumers in the last sixty days of voting, while the remaining thirty days are for brands to gather more votes from the consumers through direct conversations.


Consumers’ responses to the call to vote have been impressive in different categories since the commencement of the voting on the portal as brands compete for leadership positions.

Akonte Ekine, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Consumers Value Broadcasting, said it is impressive to experience the interest of consumers’ preferences for brands based on interactions with the brands.


Akonte commended consumers for responding to the call to vote for brands in the last two months and added that more consumers should visit the site and vote for brands based on experience.

At the end of sixty days of voting, leading brands in various categories are Coca-cola 55%, Dettol 83%, Samsung 48%, Toyota 56%, Knorr 71%, Mastercard 88%, Power Oil 57% and Golden Penny 55%

Shoprite is 66%. Reload Multivitamin 88%, Lush 60%, Mr Chef salt 62%, Interswitch 35%, Dangote Cement 65%, Checkers Custard 84%, Colgate 37%, AirPeace 41%, Mtn, 68%, Lucozade boost 48%,Gtco 41%, Amstel 48%,Chivita 39%,Orijin 26%,kellogs cornflakes 85%.

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