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Domino’s decreases price of pizza with the launch of everyday value range pizzas!

In response to the continuous increase in living costs in the country, Domino’s pizza Nigeria has redefined “Affordable Enjoyment” with the launch of the Everyday Value Range Pizzas for just N2500 to help customers afford their weekly pizza fix.


This new pizza range is available across all Domino’s pizza branches nationwide for just N2500 and you can get it in 7 new flavours. This is pure enjoyment, at a super affordable price, but it is also unsurprising as we know that Domino’s Pizza, the #1 pizza chain in the country, loves to innovate and gives its customers value for their money, from local to international flavours, to different range of pizzas and multiple offerings. They just recently launched the 20mins delivery time guarantee, and now they have redefined affordable enjoyment with the launch of their new everyday pizza range.


This new pizza range is specially created for all to better enjoy their wonderful pizza moments. It is a new size of pizzas in 7 exciting flavors namely: Cheese, Fiery Chic, Chickenpie, Fiery Beef, Meatball, Plantain Suya, and Smokey Sausage. You can enjoy any of these new flavors across any Domino’s outlet today! What are you waiting for!!


Now let us introduce you to some of the new flavors: The Fiery Chic is a super combination of Chicken Suya, red chilli, and suya spice, word on the streets is that this is the perfect flavor for this season; same as the Fiery Beef, which is the beef variant. They also have the Plantain Suya and the Smokey Sausage; the Plantain Suya is a sweet fiery combination of plantain toppings and suya spice, while the Smoked Sausage has the sweetness of smoked sausage, onions, and BBQ sauce.


All these wonderful, mouth-watering flavours were made affordable at the price of just N2500! Imagine having a belly-filling pizza at the price of N2500 in this economy! Not only that, but we also know Domino’s is the epitome of awoof give ways, and the launch of this exciting new Value Range is not an exception. Everyone can buy any of these flavors at the affordable price of N2500, with a FREE Coca-Cola! This offer is available in ALL their branches nationwide and can be delivered for FREE in 20mins! Yes, FREE 20mins delivery or they give a FREE MEDIUM CLASSIC PIZZA VOUCHER!


Domino’s pizza has truly given us an affordable option to celebrate every moment in this current economy, so what are you waiting for, visit a Domino’s pizza outlet today and get a feel of the Everyday Value Pizza range.









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