Digital has strongly and positively impacted consumer behaviour – Auscar Ikoro


Mr Auscar Ikoro is the convener, Consumers Choice Awards. He is also an author, Integrated Marketing Communications consultant, Fellow, Institute of Brand Management of Nigeria and Associate, Nigeria Institute of Marketing. In this interview with Adetunji Faleye, brand Impact, Auscar talks on consumer behaviours, digital, Gen Z and Consumers Choice Awards. Excerpt:


How will you assess consumers behaviour in the past one year taking into consideration Covid-19 and other related issues?

Consumers have become more dependent on online transactions and recommendations via social media groups, etc. Funny enough consumers are not compromising on quality/price despite the economic outlooks


How has digital affected consumers behaviour in this period of New Normal?

Digital has strongly and positively impacted consumer behaviour, by increasing options and ease of transactions, so consumers actually are doing more transactions now than before


What is the place of Gen Z in dictating the pace of consumers behaviour?

The world is rapidly changing and the only way to catch up these days is to follow Gen Z trends, they’re obviously more in-touch with global trends

Tell us your top five consumers trends for the year 2022?

The top five consumer trend for the year 2022 are, consumers will buy what is easily available around them. They will listen more to peer recommendation. They will become less emotionally attached to brands. They will jump at every next available brand that satisfies their want. They will seek for more quality alternatives.


What necessitated Consumers Choice Awards?

The need to put the power back in hands of the Consumer to decide which brands are leading and help brand custodians have more accurate, informed opinion of the market through the eyes of the final consumer.


What distinguishes Consumers Choice Awards from other awards in the country?

Consumers Choice Awards is decided by the final consumers, not by any panel of judges, and winning brands gain access to back-end survey data


What are the learnings of the recently held Consumers Choice Awards for the year 2022?

Nigerian Consumers have become more sophisticated and they Know what they want …


Kindly enumerate the importance of the report about 2 years trends (2020/2021) of consumer’s purchase to the brand in 2022?

The 2 year trend report will enable brand owners see though the consumers’ mind and predict where they should put more of the marketing budget to get higher ROI. E.g should they invest more in Retail, POS, visibility, Signages, TV, Radio, etc

They will also be able to determine areas within their process to improve on for better consumer retention


Is there any possibility of expanding the awards to the West African Coast?

Of course, the Award trend reveals winning brands have regional spread, we will sure test their popularity across borders.


What is your 5 years projection for Consumers Choice Awards?

We are already of our 5year journey and that is to be the award of reference by brand custodians and other award institutions. Consumers Choice awards will be the mean standard for deciding Brand value.


What is your advice to brands and brand custodians in respect of their relationship with consumers considering changes in their behaviours?

They must make Consumers part of the business by listening to them before new innovations and changes are embarked upon. Consumers know what they want and without them, there’s no brand.



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