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ENRICH: BNSL relaunches micronutrient powder to halt malnourishment among Nigerian children


By Adetunji Faleye

A recent report has ranked Nigeria 3rd globally with more than 10 million children suffering from malnutrition. Also, statistics shows that 41 per cent of all children under five are chronically malnourished in Nigeria while 23 per cent are underweight. As a result of this, the country loses one million children annually in this group to malnutrition.


In order to curb this ugly trend, a world-class authority on vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals, BNSL has re-launched its micronutrient powder –ENRICH, focused predominantly on young children. The aim of this re-launch is to bring the world’s attention to the plight of hundreds of millions of malnourished children all over the world, most especially, within Africa.

Managing Director, BNSL, Chioma Odimegwu said, the company has re-launched the micronutrient powder known as “ENRICH”, focusing predominantly on young children.


According to Odimegwu, ‘This menace is usually caused by poverty, poor child feeding practices, lack of proper sanitation, lack of clean water, inadequate maternal nutrition and uninformed practices amongst others. The magnitude of the problem must be met with a response that reflects the scale and gravity of the situation. In this regard, BNSL Limited looks forward to delivering fortification as an efficient solution to a national challenge, and to drive a meaningful impact.’

L-R; Adanna Iloegbunam- Head Quality Assurance & Control,BSNL LTD, Akeem Oyedunle- Production Manager, BNSL LTD,Chioma Odimegwu – Managing Director,BNSL LTD, Chamberlain Emmanuel Ayo-Sales Director,BSNL LTD,Tolulope Akanimodo-Human Resources Manager,BNSL LTD,during the relaunch of ENRICH yesterday.

She added that Enrich, which is a blend of essential vitamins and minerals, with specially encapsulated iron, for easier digestion a micronutrient powder is to be sprinkled and mixed with ready to eat food. Enrich provides a convenient formulation for supplementing any low nutrient food. Majorly, it is targeted to meet the daily recommended nutrient intake of children above 6 months of age.

The features of the product, the managing director said included free-flowing powder and relatively tasteless, adding that the product did not change the taste, smell or colour of the food. Enrich is packed in 1g sachet, with 60 sachets placed in a single box.


According to her, the company has successfully delivered over 20million micronutrient powder sachets to various government agencies, private companies and development partners from 2014 to date.

Director, Tree Crops and Rural Development Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Ogun State, Mr James Oyesola, who represented his commissioner, assured the company of the government’s cooperation and partnership in this direction.



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