Organisers refresh PR Lynx award Category


The organisers of Dubai Lynx have refreshed PR Lynx for 2022, to ensure the award accurately reflects the current PR industry and recognises the breadth of work that PR and communications specialists do. The award now excels in including driving earned media at a scale.

The new Social Engagement & Influencer Marketing section has been reimagined from the old digital and social section. It now incorporates content creation, amplification and production plus social and community engagement and finally influencer marketing.

The sections – Excellence: PR Craft and PR Techniques – ensure this Lion celebrates PR as a craft. An expanded Culture & Context section recognises that PR specialists are delivering culturally nuanced work at the highest level.

Award-winning PR campaigns exist to bring out behavioural changes in society. Memac Ogilvy Jordan partnered with Miyahuna and used the traditional online and offline media influence to draw awareness to water scarcity and bring about change.

The result? A movement started in Jordan reaching 3.5 million residents.

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