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Facebook Gaming introduces co-streaming for content creators


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Facebook Gaming introduced co-streaming for all content creators on its platform, not just those in the company’s Facebook Gaming Partners program.


This co-streaming feature will allow all gaming creators to stream with up to three other creators at the same time. To co-stream, a gaming creator will need to tag another content creator, and that content creator will need to tag them back.


Facebook Gaming said creators can tag another gaming creator for co-streaming in three ways: from the Live Producer left rail when they’re going live, from the Live Producer Gaming Tab edit stream module and from the Stream Dashboard edit stream module. Creators will be able to change their co-streaming status while livestreaming “by editing the stream details module.”


Once creators start co-streaming, viewers will be able to quickly view each user’s stream so they can see what’s happening from different perspectives.

Credit: Thedrum

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