Why Gen Zs in Nigeria will appreciate the cultural narrative of Coca-Cola’s Real Magic philosophy




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Coca-Cola’s new philosophy, Real Magic, focuses on shifting our perspective, nudging us to view life with excitement and celebrate the ordinary as we emerge from a difficult period. It tells us to believe in the magic of the everyday moments we share with our friends and families and encourages us to be positively united in an increasingly fractured world.


For many, this messaging challenges the worldviews of a lot of people who might label it as idealistic or merely superficial. For a particular unique generation, it’s already a way of life and Coca-Cola’s ‘Real Magic’ platform reinforces that attitude.


Real Magic challenges biases

‘All you need is an open mind,’ a sequence in the ad communicates as two visibly young people embrace each other. The campaign admits that every generation views people and situations through their lens, but encourages them to do so without judgement and bias. It poses the challenge of viewing and welcoming people and experiences with an open mind, a collective wish of the new generation as they seek acceptance and community in a world that wilfully misunderstands them.


Real Magic challenges inequality

If you’re looking for a real insight as to what the new generation feels about inequalities or abuse of power, look no further than the events of 2020. Not only did the new generation challenge the age-old occurrences of inequality, but also led a global charge with millions of people uniting to challenge the status quo by clamouring for a more equal world. From Nigeria to the United States, the world witnessed their collective power.



Real Magic challenges negativity

The 2020 lockdown saw the new generation create magic out of the ordinary. From social media challenges to trends, they were inspired by the dour nature of their restricted and routine days to lead global social media trends that ensured everyone was having fun in a disrupted world. One could say the world was never more united during this period. Despite the significant challenges COVID-19 and other social developments created, the newer generation approached the present and the future with a positive attitude, determined to make things better.


Real Magic embraces harmony, diversity and love

It’s a known fact that the new generation is purpose-driven and globally-minded. They care more about human rights, equality and diversity than any other generation. They recognise that the world is a melting pot of people with different cultures, traditions and characterisations. They are hubs of inclusion, looking out for each other in the most loving environment.


Real Magic is Coca-Cola’s first global platform since “Taste the Feeling,” which debuted in 2016. The messaging was based around a core message that the simple pleasure of drinking Coca-Cola makes any moment more special. Real Magic builds on this premise to suggest that we are all one Coke away from each other and that what unites us is greater than what sets us apart.

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