Oracle and Red Bull racing are redefining fan experiences


 By Alexandra Carter

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At a time when customer experience is everything, the overwhelming majority of marketers and sellers believe CRM is still broken. Red Bull Racing Honda tackled this challenge by focusing on unrivaled fan engagement in the physical and digital worlds. Oracle’s CMO Ariel Kelman and Red Bull Racing Honda’s CMO Oliver Hughes took the virtual stage at Brandweek for a candid conversation about how the two teamed up to re-engineer the ultimate fan experience.


The race to improved CX

Aiming to reinvent the Formula One fan experience, Hughes knew changes were needed to ensure the Red Bull Racing Honda fanbase felt as connected as possible without even needing to attend races in person.


“When I joined the team, connecting with our fan base was very basic—maybe an email newsletter that everyone got … I got quite frustrated early on, wondering, ‘Is this all we’re doing?’ ‘Is this the best we can do for our fans?’”


Hughes and his team partnered with Oracle to accelerate the mission for improved CX by leveraging Oracle’s machine learning and data capabilities to optimize the way data is used, from on-track activities to putting more information in the hands of Red Bull Racing’s global fanbase.


“We wanted to put the right technology in place so that instead of just talking to [the customer] the same as I’d talk to my next-door neighbor or a kid in Brazil, we could learn how to use technology to find out what is the experience that actually makes each customer watch more, and engage more,” he said.


Engaging with consumers in unique and compelling ways

Red Bull Honda’s digital transformation journey is about understanding the fanbase better and connecting with them in a way that improves and adds to their F1 experience.


“As with a lot of conversations in marketing, it often starts with data,” said Kelman. “So, being able to interpret and utilize data. My biggest takeaway over and over again tends to be ‘you can’t over-invest in having a really strong, clean, and comprehensive customer database.’ It’s really the foundation for everything.”


Using that customer data can help marketers develop unique, compelling and personalized ways to engage with their audiences to create great fan experiences.


“The outcome from a great fan experience is increased revenue. It’s not just ‘I want to know who you are so I can sell what I know about you.’ It’s more ‘I want to know who you are so I can enrich your experience, and by enriching your experience, hopefully, you want to buy more merchandise or engage with our partners differently,’” said Hughes.

















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