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Mercedes introduces Concept EQG: New electric G Wagon


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Meet the Mercedes Concept EQG and as you can guess it is an EV G wagon but unfortunately they did it in the fashion of just taking the existing G wagon and shoving a battery pack intro the frame. The issue with that method is the heavily reduced range on top of the G Wagon being a rolling brick. This concept features loads of exterior illumination from the side to the roof, grill and rear end. Big trucks and high-end SUVs aren’t going away; they’re simply becoming electric. Mercedes revealed that an electric G-Class was in the works even before AMG disclosed its hybrid and EV plans. The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG is the first tangible hint of the G Wagon EV to come.


Mercedes Concept EQG

You may credit Arnold Schwarzenegger for the G Wagon’s electric transformation.

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger favours Unimogs, he also likes the G Wagon. What’s the point of bringing this up now? Because, according to Roadshow, when the current-generation G-Class launched in 2018, he pushed Daimler-chairman Benz’s at the time to include the SUV in Mercedes’ EV ambitions. And now, three years later, the Concept EQG represents the realization of that promise.


The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG is a “near-production study” of the final product from a technical standpoint. As a result, some elements, such as the light-up protection strips on the side panels, may alter. But, in general, this is how the future electric G Wagon will appear. And that look is a combination of the SUV’s characteristic boxy shape and current Mercedes EQ design components. The grille of the EQG, for example, is a black panel with LED lights, similar to the grille on the EQS.

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