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By Sunday Odiaka

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Certainly, it is an understatement, arguing that Chukwudi Ezenwa has been disrupting global entrepreneurial space with innovative ideas. He is investing and clearly succeeding in risky routes that even some established entrepreneurs, ordinarily, would have avoided. “Ezenwa is a young Nigerian, who is committed to making Nigeria a top entrepreneurship hub in the world. His dream is to empower Nigerian youths so that they will change the economic landscape of the country positively,” a recent media report stressed.


Ezenwa is the Chairman/CEO of General Site Solutions, a leading and award-winning conglomerate, widely known as GSS Group. The firm, headquartered at Awka, capital of Anambra State, is resolutely crafting and delivering world-class solutions to clients, within and outside Nigeria. Its premium offerings cut across real estate and investments, security, construction and production.


The result-driven entrepreneur, through GSS Real Estate and Investments, is creatively and passionately equipping all strata of clients to boldly make meaningful impact on the world. The real estate firm is recreating treasured opportunities for investors to invest and proudly reap appreciable dividends. Dubai Estate, its premium housing project, has been widely and aptly described as the first of its kind in the entire Eastern region. The first phase of the project, situated at Awka, did not only sell out at a record time, it is fast transforming Anambra State and South East at large into a perfect destination for economic, leisure, sports, amongst other activities. “It is one of the choicest destinations of investment in the state currently. The return on investment has been huge as the cost has increased from ₦2.5 million in 2019 to ₦8 million in 2021,” notes a recent media report.


The Achina, Anambra State-born business mogul, academically and professionally, was trained as an architect at the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. It is therefore not surprising that he perfectly understands how he could mobilise and apply the right resources and ultimately satisfy clients’ thirst for outstanding and eco-friendly architectural masterpieces. He is not only proving his worth through GSS Construction but widely opening the doors for some trusted experts to bring in their varied and innovative ideas to the table. The firm currently boasts of both public and private clientele, within and outside Nigeria.


The increasing rate of violence and crimes across the globe was simply the spark Ezenwa needed to see another huge gap left to be filled in the security space through the establishment of Graylincs Security Services, GSS Security. The award-winning and high-tech outfit is manned by highly specialised and skilled experts that are clearly proving that there are new and perfect ways of delivering and guaranteeing effective security of lives and property. Its arrays of clients cut across private home owners, religious, education, hotels, tourism, entertainment, amongst others.


Understandably, being dressed up is about having access to available attires. Ezenwa, himself a fashionista, is however convinced that crafting a unique dress-sense is about having access to quality and long-lasting clothing brands. BigBen Fashion and Design, his brainchild, has been focusing attention on every detail and clearly offering fashion-conscious customers new and perfect ways of standing out from the crowd. Part of Ezenwa’s big ideas in the fashion industry is equally training and equipping others to translate their ideas into realities.


It is worth stressing that Ezenwa is not just concerned about building enterprises, assembling dedicated like-minds and sustaining winning streaks. He is seriously demonstrating that at the heart of every reasonable venture lies the interest of consumers and the community at large. In the wake of the nationwide lockdown due to the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic, Ezenwa personally donated large sums of cash to the Anambra State government for onward delivery to indigent residents of the various local councils in the state. He equally donated food items and other palliatives to indigent individuals and families at Aguata, his immediate council area and other parts of the state. “It is our strong belief that with collective commitment, we would prevent imminent deaths in our beloved state, hence I find it honourable to contribute my own quota…,” he reportedly admits.


The serial investor, however, never counts give-back initiative as merely being socially responsible. He consistently treats it as part of his pillars in reaching out and effectively engaging every stakeholder. He, recently, led his firms in planting trees as part of activities marking this year’s World Environment Day. He also seized the opportunity in affirming how his businesses are strongly promoting eco-friendly operations. “We have awarded a ₦300 million contract of 2-kilometre access road with drainage, all the way from the major landmark Ngozika Phase 2 Estate to gain access to our estate,” he reportedly announces to the admiration of Uche Okafor, incumbent Speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly and other respected dignitaries who witnessed the epoch-making event.


Ezenwa is further not cut out for philanthropic styles that only dwell on feeding the people with mere bread and butter. As a very firm advocate of education, in driving meaningful national development, he recently, backed over 200 indigent students in Anambra State with various forms of educational supports, running into several millions of naira. “I feel pain whenever I see people who are bright and should attain tertiary education, but unable to because of paucity of funds. That’s why I go all out of my way to help as many as I can, whenever I see an opportunity,” the GSS Group boss stresses. Interestingly, he is also convinced that the global success stage is not an exclusive right of anyone. He, recently, returned to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, his alma mater, offering one-year scholarships to 10 recipients, drawn from various departments. Ezenwa equally seized the opportunity in freely offering the students secret tips needed to build their desired future. “While in school, acquire basic skills, sharpen your USP and look for side hustles that would help sustain your journey in the university. Learn to be different in whatever you do and the sky would be your springboard,” he reportedly advises them.


Meanwhile, challenges are inevitable in the business landscape. It is never surprising that even the most-gifted entrepreneurs are experiencing failures. Ezenwa, understandably, has had his fair share of entrepreneurial hiccups. In fact, he reportedly admits failing in more than five different ventures. He, however, cites those failures as part of his learning curve and growth-booster. “…each time I failed, I gained experience. I am never ashamed of failing, I only fall forward,” he reportedly maintains.


Odiaka is the Publicity Manager of General Site Solutions, GSS Group

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